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Membership at 30 June 2018

Key:  * Past President  + Paul Harris Fellow  H Honorary Member
  L – Honorary Membership for Life

+ BAKER Hugh (Robyn) House Building
*+ BARNES Bob (Helen) Storage Facilities
H*+ BELYEA Allan (Liz) Confectionary Retailing
H BERRY Mike (Noelene) Insurance
*+ BRYANT Merv (Andrea) Fuel Injection Services
*+ CAMPBELL Ian (Pam) Cattle Raising
H+ CASSIDY Russ (Gloria) Education Secondary
*+ CHITTICK Ron (Lyn) Auctioneering - Livestock
+* CICCHINELLI Tony (Jenny) Financial Advisory Services
+ DENNY Cec (Joan) Vehicle Trimming
*+ DORAHY Doc (Christine) Tractors and Machinery
*+ EGGLESTONE John (Megan) Motor Dealer
*+ FAYLE Rod Macadamia Production
L*+ FRITH Bob (Margaret) Banking
*+ FRITH Gary (Jemma) Banking
+* HARGREAVES Graeme (Helen) Macadamia Marketing
*+ HAYES Ross (Rhonda) Commercial Banking
H*+ HILL Ian (Jan) Automotive Glass Services
*+ HOPF Trevor (Fay) Travel Agency
+ HOCKING Eric (Sheila) Timber Agency
+ HUSTON Lester (Beverley) Small Crops Farmer
H*+ KING Bruce (Laurie) Police Service
+ KIM John (Sue) Laboratory Technician
+ LOVE Grant (Leonie) Readymix Concrete
  MCLOUGHLIN David (Carol) Mental Health
+* MASON Barry Graphic Design
*+ MULLIGAN Ian (Karolyn) Macadamia Production
H*+ NEWTON Peter (Dorothy) Insurance – General
*+ REMYNSE John (Heather) Expeditioner
*+ RIDLEY, Doug (Joy) Orchadist
B*+ ROBINSON Norm (Bernice) Education Secondary
*+ RUDWICK Fred Hospital Pharmacy
H SAMUEL Glenn Minister of Religion
*+L SEIFFERT Ray (Fay) Technical Education
*+ SHANLEY Graham (Denise) Health Food Retail
L+ SHIPWAY Harold Automotive Electrical
L+ SIDNEY Max (Daphne) Plumbing
L*+ WEAVER Broughton Painting and Decorating
*+ YOUNG Bruce Meat Retailing
+ ZAMBELLI Elio (Coralie) Diesel Engineering